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The Cyber Nightmare: Targus Struggles with Operational Outage Due to Cyberattack

The Cyber Nightmare: Targus Struggles with Operational Outage Due to Cyberattack

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Title: The Cyber Nightmare: Targus Struggles with Operational Outage Due to Cyberattack


In today’s technology-driven world, cyberattacks have become a growing concern for businesses worldwide. No company or industry is safe from these malicious attacks that can cause devastating consequences. One such example is Targus, a leading provider of laptop bags and accessories. Recently, the company faced a significant operational outage due to a cyberattack, causing chaos and panic among its employees and customers. In this article, we will delve into the Targus cyber nightmare, its impact on the company’s operations, and the lessons that businesses can learn from this incident.

What Happened to Targus?

In April 2021, Targus suffered a ransomware attack, which temporarily disrupted its operations. The cybercriminals breached the company’s servers, encrypted files and demanded a ransom to decrypt them. As a result, Targus was forced to shut down its systems, including its website and customer support channels. The company also advised its customers to refrain from interacting with any suspicious emails or messages.

Aftermath and Impact:

The Targus cyberattack had a severe impact on the company’s operations and its employees. It took nearly a month for Targus to restore its systems, leading to delays in processing orders and customer inquiries. The company also experienced a loss of revenue due to the halt in its operations. Moreover, the cyberattack affected Targus’ reputation, as customers were unable to access its products or services during this period.

Lessons Learned:

The Targus cyberattack highlighted the importance of having robust cybersecurity measures in place for businesses of all sizes. As cybercriminals become more sophisticated, it is essential to have preventive measures and disaster recovery plans in place to protect sensitive data and ensure business continuity. Here are a few lessons that businesses can learn from the Targus cyber nightmare:

  1. Strong Cybersecurity Infrastructure:

    Investing in a robust cybersecurity infrastructure is crucial for protecting a company’s sensitive data and systems. It includes having firewalls, intrusion detection systems, encryption, and regular software updates, among other security measures. Companies must also train their employees on cybersecurity best practices to prevent cyberattacks caused by human error.

  2. Regular Backups:

    Regular backups of critical data can prevent a company from paying ransom in case of a ransomware attack. By storing data in multiple locations, businesses can quickly recover their data and resume operations, minimizing the impact of an attack.

  3. Cyber Insurance:

    Having cyber insurance can help mitigate the financial losses associated with a cyberattack. Cyber insurance provides coverage for expenses related to data recovery, business interruptions, and legal fees, among others.

  4. Prompt Response Plan:

    Having a contingency plan in the event of a cyberattack is crucial for a prompt response. It includes having a designated team to handle the incident, notifying law enforcement agencies, and communicating with employees, customers, and stakeholders.

    What Can Customers Do?

    Apart from being vigilant against potential phishing emails and scams, customers can also take additional measures to protect their sensitive information. These include:

  5. Avoid Using Public Wi-Fi:

    When accessing the internet outside your home or office, avoid connecting to public Wi-Fi networks to prevent hackers from intercepting your data.

  6. Strong Passwords:

    Use strong and unique passwords for your online accounts and change them regularly. A combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters make it difficult for cybercriminals to guess passwords.

  7. Two-Factor Authentication:

    Enable two-factor authentication on all your online accounts. It adds an additional layer of security and prevents unauthorized access to your accounts.


    The Targus cyber nightmare is a harsh reminder of the growing threat of cyberattacks and reinforces the need for businesses to prioritize cybersecurity. It is essential to have preventive measures and a disaster recovery plan in place to minimize the damage caused by a cyberattack. Similarly, customers must also take steps to protect their data and personal information from falling into the hands of cybercriminals. With proper cybersecurity measures, we can all collectively fight against the rising menace of cyberattacks and secure our digital world.


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