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Google Search Ranking Tracking Tools Continue Showing Major Volatility – Search Engine Roundtable

Pretty much all the tools that automatically track the volatility and changes in the Google search results are still showing major volatility. It is unusual because the November core update should be long done and the December product reviews update shouldn’t be this volatile – or at least not at this point.
All the tools are pretty much at peak core update volatility levels but yet, we are not going through a core update right now and we are two weeks out after the product reviews update first touched down.
It seems this spike started back up around December 9th and has not cooled down yet.
Here are what the tools are showing, in no specific order of any tool:
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Cognitive SEO:
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Advanced Web Rankings:
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Advanced Web Rankings:
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The chatter is not as insane as these tools, there has been chatter, maybe a little more than the normal daily chatter but not core update level chatter.
The ongoing WebmasterWorld thread and Black Hat World has a bit going on, let me share some quotes. It really started to spike a bit there on December 9th or so with the chatter but again, not insane levels.

Anyone else still seeing changes. I’m searching noticing different results by the minute.

Yes we see rubbish traffic. By far one of the worst Thursdays for years. And looking at the serps it seems google is testing how far they can reduce quality till users will leave.

My traffic is the worst today than it’s been since I got hit with Penguin in 2012. Absolutely dismal. More than 50% down so far today (UK).
Thus far my traffic has been only slightly lower than usual (since the core update) but without the conversions – so, what’s happened today?

Looks like this is happening across the board. No traffic or sales for days now. If its an update, let’s call it The Grinch update. Keep in mind, there are no updates, it’s all just rolling psychopathic AI behavior. The billionaires win again, while the lil serf chiluns get no shoes for Christmas guv’nor.

I have noticed that since this update was announced my USA traffic has been starts the day -50%+ and ends the day down about 10-15%, with traffic only really recovering at 7pm or later. Most of the day in the doldrums. Hardly any new inquiries from customer since Thanksgiving weekend. I do think the Omicron factor and all the talk of inflation is scaring the crap out of people. I also lost 6 nice aged links from a high DA site that were up for maybe 15 years. Site redesign…now I get one nofollow link which is useless

I’ve just checked my last 7 days stats and my USA is within 0.2% of this year’s average! Sure, overall traffic is down since it’s that time of year for me, post 10th January 2022 will be my real telling time.

Yeah traffic has slipped over the last 2 days. Never had a lower Friday in recent memory and 40% off last years Friday at this time. People also asked and other Google widgets are killing us along with traditional media posting articles about every single topic and now ranking for it.

yes there are some changes in my ranking and its fluctuating

Mine also but I also lost lot of auto generated content on PBN because of hosting change !!
I have redirected an expired domain for counter effect. Let’s see !!

So since December 9th or so, things started to heat up again but it has not cooled down at all.
Glenn Gabe shared these charts of sites hit by the products reviews update:

Another weekend & more volatility with the Dec Product Reviews Update (which can take 3 weeks to fully roll out). Many sites impacted are moving in the same direction or leveled off, but there are def. some seeing a lot of volatility during the rollout. Google has been busy 🙂
Have you noticed big changes and if so, is it more core update related, product reviews update related or something else? Or maybe it is just the new normal of super volatile Google search results, more so than what we’ve seen over 2021?
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