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Common FAQs


Yes, we offer high quality managed hosting services.

You can purchase a domain for cheap prices at QWHOSTING.COM.
You can set up a URL redirect for a domain by creating a DNS record in your DNS Zone File.

If you have your website hosted with us, you can easily change the nameservers of your domain using cPanel.

Generate a CSR code for a web service using the “Submitting a CSR Code” section of the “Submit an Application” page on the “Submitting a CSR Code” page. Your CSR code will be submitted to the vendor hosting the web service to verify your account.

To set up Free Email Forwarding, create a new email forwarding address. To do this, log into your cPanel and go to the Mail Settings page. Click the Add button and select new. Enter a name for the new email address, an email address, and the email address where the email forwarding service is located. Then, click the Save button.

To transfer a domain name to another domain name registrar, contact the registrar and follow their instructions to transfer the domain name.

Sign in to your My Account page and transfer your hosting account to QW Hosting.

QW Hosting is a web hosting company that manages your domain for you. To renew your domain, you just have to log in to your account and renew your domain.

WhoisGuard’s protection is used to ensure the privacy of whois information. The WhoisGuard service is free, and it is not necessary to register to use it. The WhoisGuard service provides three levels of protection.

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