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‘Cheap and effective’: ‘Eliminate’ garden weeds within 24 hours using vodka recipe – Express

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If weeds are ignored for long periods they can spread and set seed. This will cause bigger problems later down the line and they may be harder to eradicate. There are lots of different ways to deal with weeds, from hoeing to pulling them up. However, experts at Insight Weeds have suggested that gardeners can use vodka to remove the .
The experts said: “Vodka can be a substitute for many harsh herbicides. 
“It also offers a cheap and effective solution to eliminating weeds at home. It is natural, easily accessible, and is easy to use.
“But before spraying weeds with vodka to remove them, you need to ensure that it has a concentration of at least 25 percent”.
When vodka is sprayed on weeds, it draws moisture away from the plant’s foliage.
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‘A cheap and effective solution’: ‘Eliminate’ garden weeds within 24 hours using vodka
As a result, the plant will suffer low growth, decrease in leaf photosynthesis areas, and reduced yield.
Wilting will then occur because of the decreased pressure in the plants’ cell.
Once the plant foliage dries out, the weeds will die.
The garden weeds which vodka is particularly known for killing are broadleaf weeds.
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Other examples include: mullein, plantains, dandelions, wild onions, chickweeds, and clovers, among others.
However, for this to be effective, gardeners must use the liquid well, including knowing the right time to spray the alcohol.
For the vodka weed killing recipe, gardeners will need a spray bottle, vodka and laundry detergent.
Gardeners should start by pouring six cups of vodka into a spray bottle and adding four spoons of laundry detergent, then the solution can be sprayed directly on the weeds.
The garden weeds which vodka is particularly known for killing are broadleaf weeds
The gardening experts explained the importance of adding laundry detergent to the vodka.
They said: “The liquid detergent works as a binder. It allows vodka to stick to the leaves of the weeds. 
“When applying the treatment, ensure to cover the entirety of the plant. 
“For the vodka to work well, spray it when the ground’s temperature is 15 degrees.”
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Alternatively, gardeners can use it when the sun’s energy is burning the weeds.
The gardening pros added: “The vodka applied on the weeds will eliminate them within 24 hours.
“But if it rains, the water will wash away the alcohol and reduce its effectiveness.”
That means gardeners will have to reapply the vodka solution again.
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