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Atlus Renews Domains For Unannounced Persona 5 Projects – TheGamer

Insert “you’ll never see it coming” joke here.
Atlus has renewed domains related to several unannounced Persona 5 projects.
When it comes to Persona, Atlus has created and renewed several domains over the past few years and they seem to relate to unannounced projects, specifically for Persona 5. Although this doesn't always mean that it'll use the domains, it has recently renewed a few of them, implying that it still has plans for them one way or another.
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As spotted by Persona insider regularpanties, Atlus recently renewed trademarks for P5M, P5B, Persona5M, and Persona5B. It looks like the domains are for two projects, something called Persona 5 M, and something else called Persona 5 B. What these actually stand for isn't super clear, but some Twitter users have made some educated guesses.
Twitter user YukiAmi966 said, "Since P5AG turned into P5 Scramble, the genre being Action Game, I'm gonna guess P5M is some mobile game (maybe like P4's card-battling game?), and P5B is a Battle, or fighting game (which makes sense with P4AU remake right around the corner)".
It's worth noting that, although it isn't mentioned by regularpanties' Tweet, Persona 5 U, which many believe to mean Persona 5 Ultimax, still has an active domain that was renewed back in April last year. That domain will last until April of this year, so it'll be interesting to see if Atlus renews the trademark further, or if we can consider a Persona 5 fighting game off the table for now, or if P5B is taking its place.
Persona fans should also keep in mind that domain names aren't necessarily related to games, and it's not always clear what the letter after Persona 5 will stand for. When Persona 5 S was trademarked a few years ago, Persona fans were certain that it was a Switch port of the base game, but that ended up becoming Persona 5 Scramble, which then became Persona 5 Strikers outside of Japan.
All of this means that it's worth keeping your tinfoil hat and pinch of salt handy. More Persona 5 projects are clearly on the way, but what they entail isn't quite clear.
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