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11 Cheap Home Decor Websites — Where to Find Affordable Home Decor? – Cosmopolitan

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Yep, living that champagne life on a beer budget is possible.
Shopping for home decor can be so damn expensive. Like, a tiny ass bookend could set you back hundreds of dollars. And don’t even get me started on curtains. I still don’t understand how a rectangle piece of fabric could cost so much. But I’ve never let those annoyingly high prices ruin my dreams of living like a fancy rich lady and you shouldn’t either. If you know where to shop, you can find incredibly chic home decor at I’m-on-a-budget-and-I’m-sticking-to-it prices.
As you begin your search, start with the places that sell cheap clothes. Yup, most of those retailers have home departments filled with goodies to make your place look like Instagram goals. From bedding to wall art to pillows—they’ve got the goods. You’ll see exactly what I’m talking about when you scroll through the list below. Oh, btw, everything is under $100. No need to thank me.
Only 3 freakin’ 50 for that pretty black-and-white painting. You’ll find it and tons of room decor essentials throughout Shein’s website.
Piled up dirty laundry has never looked better. H&M’s chic woven baskets will actually help tidy up your entire space in a chic way.
All the boho-chic vibes you could ever dream of are on Urban Outfitter’s website, including this lunar piece of art.
Between that sleek black border and the shiny gold hardware, it’s hard to believe that this luxe-looking mirror is so affordable. But that’s how most things are priced on 
Turn any dinning room table into hosting goals with all the pretty dishes and serving essentials from Terrain. I’d pack these cuties for an enchanting picnic too.
Bed Bath & Beyond is an oldie but a goodie. Pro shopping tip: No matter how long you’ve had one of the retailer’s coupons stashed in your purse, they’ll always honor it—even if it expired years ago.
Having a lavish game on your coffee table might be the finishing touch your place needs. Some, of course, are ridiculously expensive, but not this one.
It’s totally possible to bring summer vibes into your home without bowing your savings. Just make sure you check out Kohl’s home section for little ways to bring in the tropical touches, like this curtain.
Amazon, duh, has everything you can think of at a discounted price. It can be tough to sort the good from the bad, but you’ll know when you find a winner (hello, gold side table!!!) it’s totally worth it.
ICYMI: Most items in Ikea stores can be purchased online too. That’s definitely good news for those who don’t have the patience to spend hours browsing those maze-like aisles.
I originally fell in love with Primark for its inexpensive clothes. But its website also has all the trinkets my house could ever need, including this cute lil faux plant.


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